Supervision Services

. . .Providing Supervision to Future Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC)

The goal of Supervision is to provide effective guidance, model appropriate theoretical and ethical practices, and to assist professionals in their autonomous growth toward their chosen career goals by: pursuing knowledge content, providing emotional and intellectual support, and by creating a nurturing supervisory relationship within the group.

Requirements: Participants must be identified as either a graduate of a counseling program or as a current graduate student. You must also be insured prior to receiving supervision.

Sessions : Participants can choose to meet one day per month or on a bi-weekly basis. Supervisees who miss supervision for any reason may, if they choose, join another supervision group at no additional cost if room in the group is available.

Fees : Fees for supervision are $200 per session (2 hours max). Fees are expected at the beginning of the session and are non-refundable.

Method of Delivery: There are two methods in which supervision can be completed- in office and/or online options. Please note, the initial meeting must be completed face-to-face prior to approval for the use of the online option.

Assessment Practices : Each supervisee will be assessed regularly on participation, professionalism, ethical conduct, clinical skills, interpersonal skills, application of theoretical models, and personal awareness. Difficulties in any or all of these areas are grounds for termination of the supervisory relationship.

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